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How are you dealing with COVID-19 and are your products safe?

We have implemented specific protocol to deal with COVID-19 according to health authorities. Please click here for more information: COVID-19 MESSAGE

I’m interested in investing, where do I find more information?

Experion welcomes investor discussions. Learn more about our company at our investor page here: INVESTOR PAGE or download our investor deck here: INVESTOR PRESENTATION

What is Experion’s stock symbol?


What are you licensed to sell?

We are licensed  to sell flower to provincial distribution across Canada and national sales of extractions are coming soon. Our Medical License allows us to sell flower directly to qualified patients.

Where can I get your products?

Experion Products are avaialable under our Citizen Stash brand in BC, AB, SK, MN, YT and NT.

What is the current production and capacity?

Our cultivation capacity between our internal cultivation and external grow partners will produce 2,500 KG per year of biomass. Our processing capabilities of flower and pre-rolls has the capability of processing over 4,000 KG’s per year.

When can investors expect Experion to take advantage of Cannabis 2.0?

We are planning to launch Experion value-added products later in FY2020 starting with edibles and then extracts and concentrates in the Q1 2021.

With the speculation of potential oversupply of cannabis in Canada, is there any need to acquire more capacity?

The oversupply being speculated in the industry is from large producers who are unable to compete in the premium, craft cannabis market. There is no oversupply of premium, craft cannabis which is the only kind grown by Experion.

Do you sell medical cannabis directly to patients?

Experion is focused on serving its current patient base. We are not accepting new patients at this time. Please subscribe to our email list to be notified when we are accepting new patients: SUBSCRIBE

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