VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 21, 2019 (FSCwire) Experion Holdings Ltd. (“Experion” or the “Company”) (TSXV: EXP) (OTCQB:EXPFF), formerly Viridium Pacific Group Ltd., is pleased to provide an update on the Company’s brands positioned to take advantage of  Health Canada’s final regulations for Value-Add Products (VAP’s) such...

From Equity Guru by Chris Parry

Jay Garnett from Experion Biotechnologies (EXP.V) has precisely zero f’s to give about building a million square feet of cannabis grow. He’s not buying a hemp farm in the Outer Hebrides, or a license application in Mongolia, or a mega greenhouse near the airport in Nunavut.

He’s got a ten acre property in BC with a beautiful, fully licensed, fully operational grow facility, and it’s putting out clones, which larger licensed producers are paying for. It’s also putting out finished cannabis, which he’s selling to those same LPs when they can’t keep up with demand, and he’s selling his own products through three well received brands.

He has all the Canadian licenses a guy could ask for, which are allowing him to do real clinical trials (for real this time, no six-person fluff studies) and he’s doing deals with German distributors. He’s making oils. He’s finding customers. And he’s happy.

“We’re in the cannabis space, and I think for a lot of people that that’s very confusing,” says Garnett. “I think there are so many licenses out there and people don’t really understand how the Health Canada’s licensing system works so, if I was going to break it down, I would say that we are a licensed cultivator and seller of cannabis within the industry, and our goal is to ensure that our quality cannabis is vertically integrated from there into our own products, primarily focused in the medical space.”

Not overly complicated. Grow it well, then put it out through a series of pipelines to whomever wants to buy it for a premium.

That doesn’t require tens of millions of dollars raised every few months for ongoing hypey sales letters on Instagram. Just do the work. Right?

“We have just finished an acquisition of a company in Calgary called EFX Labs and they have people running early stage clinical trials for post operative pain management under Health Canada,” says Garnett. “They also had a commercial pill that was able to go to market through that research that we just went to revenue with about four weeks ago, through a partner relationship with Broken Coast, another licensed producer, which is a subsidiary of Aphria.”

Clinical trials was a phrase every licensed producer spoke of early on in the cannabis market, when they were still telling the world that patients were their focus and not enthusiasts.

Today, in the era of full recreational use, clinical trials have been largely forgotten, but there’s a far bigger market in pharmaceuticals and wellness as it relates to cannabis than there is in folks looking to get lit.

And that market lives and dies on clinical research.

“Ensuring that we are creating products for that space, be it, topicals or micro-doses, soft gels in seniors care facilities, or pills in hospitals for post operative pain management – is really important.” says Garnett.

“All the things that are the positive sides of cannabis – medical professionals need the research done so they can know what to prescribe, how much, how it might react with other medicines – they need to be proven out by clinical research, and when you’ve finished that work, it’s a whole new world.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 11, 2019 (FSCwire) Experion Holdings Ltd. (“Experion” or the “Company”) (TSXV: EXP), formerly Viridium Pacific Group Ltd., is pleased to announce the appointment of a new member to its Board of Directors.  Mr. William (Bill) Kenneth Dickie will join Mr. Jay Garnett,...

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