About Us

We are dedicated to be the top distributor of high quality cannabis products.

Corporate Overview


Experion Biotechnologies Inc. received its License to Produce under the ACMP (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes) in August 2017, becoming the 71st licensed company in Canada. The company successfully transitioned to the Cannabis Act as federally mandated in October 2018. Experion began distribution of its premium Citizen Stash branded products to the recreational cannabis market in February 2019 and is now selling across Canada.

Our Company

Experion Biotechnologies Inc. develops and distributes premium high value cannabis products, With our and passionate and engaged team we are able to make quick and effective market driven decisions, to quickly create and distribute best in class products.

Our Model

We develop trendsetting, first to market genetics and premium cannabis products under our highly regarded Citizen Stash brand which we distribute across Canada. We expand our capacity with strategic grow and supply partners to cultivate and process under our specifications. We ensure quality control by executing all final processing, packaging and labeling within Experion’s licensed facility and then distributing these products through our network across Canada.

What We Do



Experion Biotechologies Inc. was the 71st cannabis company to receive its License to Produce from Health Canada in August 2017 and successfully transitioned to the Cannabis Act receiving our Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing and Medical Sales license in October 2018. Our Standard Processing license allows us to sell flower to provincial distribution outlets across Canada. This license also allows us to conduct extractions and to manufacture added value products on site. Additionally, our Medical License allows us to sell flower directly to qualified patients.

Although there are over 300 licensed cannabis companies in Canada, Experion is one of about 100 licensed holders in the country with a full suite of licenses which authorizes the company to engage in any or all business activities in the cannabis seed to sale supply chain including , cultivation, manufacturing and distribution.



Experion’s genetic bank consist of over 75 strains. The strains on hand were specifically chosen to have in-demand market attributes and specifications to deliver the best experience and value to our customers. All packaged flower must meet our high standards including visual appearance (size, quality), nose (smell, terpenes), touch (sticky, freshness) and taste (experience, terpenes, THC level). For more information on our Adult-Use strains and package flower available, please visit www.citizenstash.com

In the future we intend to expand our added value products to include strain specific pre-rolls and concentrates like hand pressed live rosins and shatters. Moving forward we also intend to offer different delivery systems like gummies and oils.



The Experion facility is located on 10 acres, in the heart of BC cannabis country, just outside Vancouver. The building consists of over 17,000 square feet, purpose built to ensure high quality, small batch growing and expanded processing. There are 8 licensed cultivation rooms and 12 licensed processing rooms specifically designed to supply the retail market demand for fresh, small batch deliveries, as well as, the capacity to process all internal and external product lines to support large scale national distribution. For more information about Experion please download our investor deck here: Investor Presentation



Experion through its licensed distribution network currently has direct access to hundreds of retail stores in over six provinces and territories across Canada. This national network supports the company as it launches new value added products and is also becoming an additional source of revenue from other licensed producers seeking access to these markets. Experion has developed, maintained and now leveraging its national distribution network with diversified products and revenue streams.


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